Friday, May 17, 2019

Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops are available. 
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Coming Talk:  BCHLC   

Five Pillars of the Home School Mom –  I think these are the non-negotiable must haves for a homeschooling mom to be successful.
  1. Prayer– Without a relationship with God and His grace in our lives there is no success. It’s all about making time for God not finding time!
  2. Encouragement – Why we need each other, it’s all about giving and receiving. The gift of each other and the power of friendship.
  3. Time Alone – Have some fun recharge your batteries, it’s all about taking a break doing something completely unrelated – something that renews your energy!
  4. Health – Diet and exercise can change everything! For me it was Trim and Healthy Mama/ skiing and scuba diving! How eating right and the right physical activity can change your life!
  5. Forgiveness – Ourselves, our husbands, the kids (our own and others’), and each other!  God makes every day a new beginning!
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1. Praying with your kids
2.Homeschooling: Let's get started
3.Encouragement for the Tired Mama
4 Self Confidence Talk for Kids

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Possible Topics:

1.  How to get close to your Teen
2.  How to Build your Kids Self Confidence
3.  Want your kids to learn?  Use Marketing!
4.  Homeschoolers - Beautiful and Brave
5.  Teen is not a dirty word1
6.  Hey kids save yourselves


Do You Hunger?: Only God Can Satisfy

Ask:  Why am I so sad?

Today, more than ever people feel empty and alone. Why? How can this be?  We are all connected by social media, then, why are we still unsatisfied? Many relationships are superficial and empty, and everybody is just too busy.   So many of us are self involved and selfish, and at the end of the day there is nothing but emptiness. Do you feel that way?

There is a better way to live. 

We need to pray, so that God will teach us to hunger and thirst for what truly matters. To be made eager, on fire, and aching for that which will bring us peace and heal our hearts.  Our hunger can be satisfied; but we need to be willing to give ourselves completely, and to trust. In our quest for righteousness and for truth, only God can satisfy us. We can not grow tired of seeking what is "good and right", but we need to remember that it needs to be "good and right " by God’s standards. 

In choosing a different path, in choosing to live a different kind of life, we walk away from what the world claims is right,.  If we seek we will find.  And once we find we can never look back.  When we decide to no longer do our own will, when we decide to open our heats to God, our loving Father, He comes and he makes us brand new.  We find our path.  We find healing.  We find what is true and right. Not what today's world excuses as right, but true righteousness.  And our life is made brand new.

As we are transformed by God's love and we start walking down a different path,  sometimes we will make people uncomfortable,  sometimes we will not be so popular. This is because what it is to be like Christ, stands in stark contrast of those who are modelling other things. Some people might criticize us and say that we are too scrupulous, obsessed about the little things – but we need to know why we do things and walk in confidence.

Scrupulosity is when we do something for the sake of itself, or for our own ego. Righteousness, on the other hand, is for the sake of loving God. So the key is to be honest and know why we do things. When we know in our hearts that we do things for the love of God; it is then that we can be brave and firm in our way of being, not wavering. 

It is a grace to speak freely in defence of truth, and in defence of what is right. It is a grace to be ready to fight for the good of others no matter who they are, or where they are. If everything we do, we do out of love of God then we will have peace.  

A peace that surpasses all understanding, because God will be guarding our hearts and minds.   And then, what other people think will become inconsequential. 

The gift of Peace then - will be the natural result of the way we live.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they shall be satisfied. "