Friday, August 9, 2019

Darkness you refuse to quit? Today a Poem

The bottom of the Lake

Did you sink to the bottom of the lake and like it?
Are you recoverable?
Or Are you Too comfortable, to even try it?

Vulnerable, sinking in terror.
You suffer deep inside
consequences of your own error.

Open wounds full of grit
no end in sight, a path well-lit 🔥
Now deep into this endless pit - 
all because the darkness you refuse to quit!

Darkness like quick sand swallowing you whole.
You justify and excuse
you vilify and accuse
Everything that can save your soul!

Oh, tame servant of control!
Your will, please try to break
This decision you must make.
There is not much more 
your poor soul can take! 
Can’t you see? Your life is simply fake?

Vulnerable now dangerously close to death
Truth you seek- for in the rubble 
every breath a mighty struggle. 
Can’t you see friend you’re in trouble?
Please Swim swiftly and reach for help!

Yet Of hope you are not able
nor of sweet commitment capable.
With your eyes closed Instead 
you dive in this sinkhole of despair!
No longer breathing life's sweet air

Is it so hard to acknowledge?
you’ve been wrong since before college
In the cavern of your mind
Hope cannot be undermined
or neglected for too long
Don’t you know?
Your purpose to God does belong.

See Love can’t be unexpected
If your thirst is well directed
Death to pride could save your soul
You just need this to decide
If your life is redirected
Run away, have a new goal

Your enemies’ constant demands
too much for you to withstand!
Self-reliance, fear and insecurity.
Pride, lust, anger and impurity.

I desperately want to say
Someone your soul wants to save.
But You are drowning with a purpose,
I wonder will stop and try to stay?
Will you pause and try to pray?

Hold His hand
his angels immediately he will command
To help you and lift you
And take and free you
out of the land of the damned!