Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Green? What is hypocrisy?

I recently watched Michael Moor's "Planet of the Humans", and I was left speechless.  That was "time from my life" that I will never get back.  Well, at least it made me think.  I grabbed a cup of tea and sat next to my window, on the couch.  Getting lost in though I wondered:    

Why are so many people such liars?  

Why do people go around on their high horse, pretty much boasting that they are saving our planet,  while in fact they are accelerating the rate in which our planet is being destroyed?

Huge companies, countless celebrities and politicians are selling lies, while they go around and travel the world non-stop,  often in private jets.  Here are a few other examples:

  • As Justin Worland stated in an article in Time Magazine: "On a per passenger basis, private jets pollute as much as 14 times more than their commercial counterparts, for example, and the Los Angeles community where these celebrities live is currently limiting outdoor watering to once per week. Celebrities, it might follow, are a key villain in the climate challenge."
  • report in the Los Angeles Timesfound that some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Sylvester Stallone, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Hart, and Kim Kardashian—had flouted drought restrictions at their properties, some exceeding their water allowances by comical proportions. Dwyane Wade’s property, for example, exceeded his allotted water budget by 489,000 gallons in May.

  • As Tom Lyon from Fastcompany.com shared, "Exxon Mobil has clearly engaged in this doubletalk. The corporation declared in its 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report that “climate change risks warrant action by businesses, governments, and consumers, and we support the Paris Agreement as an effective framework for addressing this global challenge.” Yet the nonprofit group InfluenceMap recently found that Exxon was one of the top three global corporations in lobbying against effective climate policy."
  • In an article in "N Business" writer Bjørn Lomborg shared: "Christian Friis Bach's electric-powered vehicle was incapable of covering the 30km from his house to the palace without running out of power. So he put the electric mini-car inside a horse trailer and dragged it behind his petrol-powered Citroen for three-quarters of the trip, switching back to the mini-car when he neared the television cameras.  The stunt produced more carbon emissions than if he had driven his car the entire distance. Unfortunately, the story is not a one-off."

Many of the people in power pressure us and give us guilt trips, while they themselves continue to ravage the earth we live in.  And for what?  Have you ever asked yourself, for what reason?  With what purpose in mind, is it that these politicians, celebrities and huge Corporations, lie and destroy?  They have families.  Many of these Corporate Wizards have children of their own. Why do they lie, while they destroy our earth?  How can they ruin our planet, their kids's planet, while claiming that they are saving it?  Why is it that they put heavy burdens on the rest of us, while they themselves often don't care?

It is all so evil! So evil, it is overwhelming.

I do not mean for this post to be dark.  No, that is not my purpose.  I just wish people would open their eyes.  We are surrounded by evil.  And if we do not understand we need a saviour, The One and only Saviour, then we are in fact doomed.

Only God can help us be better, be honest, and take care of His beautiful creation.  Only Jesus Christ His only Son can offer: an explanation, a hope, and a future.  We need to take the message of the gospel seriously.  Today we need to change.  Today we need to trust.  Today is the day we need to give ourselves, heart and soul, to Jesus Christ.  All you need to do is say:

 Lord Help me!

Lord change my life!

Lord Jesus I believe help my unbelief.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Hurricane - When all hell breaks loose

Hurricane - When all hell breaks lose

What do we do when all hell breaks lose?  Like a hurricane that comes and destroys everything on its way, hard situations can sometimes come one after the other.  Like waves that have reached our necks, just when we think the worse has passed one more thing happens.  And we struggle, we struggle and we fight; but at the same time we feel exhausted and we want to give up - we look around and it seems like nobody cares. We feel alone, rejected, abandoned.

 I know a few people in these kind of situations right now.  Actually some of the best people I know, are currently struggling with many many hardships.  What can we do?  

Well the best thing we can do is pray.  Pray and know that, truly, God holds us in the palm of His hand.  And yes it is true that sometimes the more we pray the more things go wrong.  But you know what, keep on praying.  Our Lord is faithful.  You truly can count on Him.  If we are patient and we put our trust in Him- eventually things will get better.  the key to this is - Eventually :)

I tell you something, lets be there for each other!  You can send me an email if you ever want me to pray for you, and I promise you I will pray for sure.  Sometimes we can feel disconnected from people that are similar to us, but we can change that.  We can connect - we can take care of each other!  Know that I am here for you and that every time you send me an email or leave a comment!

 I will pray for you!  💝