Monday, February 17, 2020

Do I love? - Looking into myself

We all talk about love, and most of us are serious when we say the world needs more love!  But, do we love as we should?  Do we take responsibility for our part?   Are we failing miserably?  Or are we striving to love more, to love better?  Well one way to find out, is by having a little time at the end of the day or the week to reflect on how we are doing.  Ask ourselves some tough questions....are you up for it?

Here is a great list of questions that will help us see how we are doing when it comes to loving truly loving others.  I advise you to take paper and pen and take some notes.  Take this seriously and you will learn a lot about yourself, you will also be able to make some real changes that can move you in the right truly love!  I will have these divided into four or five parts...keep your eyes open!  I advise you to not rush through these, read a question and take time to truly ponder it....only then move to the next one.  Get a journal or a pad of paper and take some notes.  Come on get excited and take this seriously, the world needs more love and it starts with us!  This is part 1 !

V"Love is patient love is kind

Am I patient with myself? 

Do I expect too much of myself? 

Do I get angry at myself when I fail? 

Am I patient in prayer? 

Do I stop praying if I don’t get quick results? 

Do I remember to pray for others?

Am I patient with others (family, friends, school)? 

Do I get irritable at other people’s failures or weaknesses, or if they are less quick or clever than I am? 

Am I patient and kind with children, the elderly and the sick? 

Am I patient with those who work with me or for me?

Am I gentle and kind in my speech? 

Do I speak well of others? 

Do I act kindly towards those in a less privileged position than mine?

Do I act kindly towards those in a higher position than me (maybe people I consider more beautiful, more successful, or rich)?

V  It is not jealous, or pompous, it is not inflated. 

Am I jealous of someone else’s good fortune, or success? 

Do I judge people because of their car, their clothes, their home etc (when they have nicer things than me, or more expensive things than me)?

Do I try to keep up with the next-door neighbour? 

Do I boast about my children, my friends, my abilities….about anything else?

Am I affronted if others don’t live up to my expectations? 

Do I expect more of others than I do of myself? 

Do I criticize others so that they lose confidence in themselves? 

Am I complacent about myself? 

Am I hypocritical in the way I live? 

Do I keep on comparing myself with others?

Do I look for praise from others? 

Do I always try to be the centre of attention?

Am I slow to thank, to encourage, to praise? 

Do I bore others by talking about myself? 

Am I conceited? 

Do I stop to give thanks to God…and to those who love me?

Do I bother to listen to others? 

Am I slow to apologize or to admit my faults? 

Do I show my gratitude to God and my fellow men for all they do for me?

Do I include others in my group of friends?

Do I care when others are lonely or feel left out?

V  Love is not rude, it does not seek it's own interests( it is not selfish)

Do I treat others with the respect due to them as persons? 

Do I act as if I don't need anyone?

Do I disparage others with the way I talk to them?

Am I genuine in my relationships with others? Am I ever fake? Do I gossip about them? 

Do I disregard fairness in mind or action? (ex: with those who work for you or with you?) 

Does my language reflect my loving attitude toward others?(what about when you fight and/or are angry?) 

Am I ever arrogant, rough, obstinate or overbearing?(with your friends, parents or husband?) 

Does my character prevent others from speaking? 

Do I inconvenience others by my selfish use of radio…TV…record player etc? 

Do I insist on what I want before thinking about others and what they might want? 

Do I consider the effect that my actions will have on others?

 Am  I inconsiderate? 

Do I try to let others know they mean a lot to me?

Do I take a genuine interest in the needs of the Third World? 

Is my attitude to material things determined by selfish motives? 

Do I use my own and other people’s property with do care? 

Do I ever deliberately hurt another? Do I always find excuses to justify why I hurt them?

Do I seek for my own pleasure at the expense of others? 

Does my selfishness ever lead me to ignore God?