Friday, May 17, 2019

Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops are available. 
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Coming Talk:  BCHLC   

Five Pillars of the Home School Mom –  I think these are the non-negotiable must haves for a homeschooling mom to be successful.
  1. Prayer– Without a relationship with God and His grace in our lives there is no success. It’s all about making time for God not finding time!
  2. Encouragement – Why we need each other, it’s all about giving and receiving. The gift of each other and the power of friendship.
  3. Time Alone – Have some fun recharge your batteries, it’s all about taking a break doing something completely unrelated – something that renews your energy!
  4. Health – Diet and exercise can change everything! For me it was Trim and Healthy Mama/ skiing and scuba diving! How eating right and the right physical activity can change your life!
  5. Forgiveness – Ourselves, our husbands, the kids (our own and others’), and each other!  God makes every day a new beginning!
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1. Praying with your kids
2.Homeschooling: Let's get started
3.Encouragement for the Tired Mama
4 Self Confidence Talk for Kids

Contact me for information.

Possible Topics:

1.  How to get close to your Teen
2.  How to Build your Kids Self Confidence
3.  Want your kids to learn?  Use Marketing!
4.  Homeschoolers - Beautiful and Brave
5.  Teen is not a dirty word1
6.  Hey kids save yourselves

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