Tuesday, October 31, 2023

No!! I will not say"Happy Halloween:

Whatever is good, whatever is holy , whatever is beautiful....think about these things!!

That is what the Bible says.  Now when I say "Happy Halloween'  to you, what am I saying?  Happy day in which we celebrate limbs being torn off people and scattered on gardens?  Happy day when we celebrate demons and the devil?  Happy day in which we celebrate everything that is dark and evil?  That would sound a tad crazy no?

Nevertheless so many people say"happy Halloween"!  

Be counter cultural!  Be a rebel , a true rebel and refuse to wish people a "Happy Halloween!"

In Halloween think about holiness.  Think about how you can get closer to God.  Think about having fun, yes, but fun that leads to holiness.  In a world that is full of evil.  In a world in which hatred reigns.  In a world in which wars are raging.  Be the difference.  Refuse to be a robot.  Refuse to just go with the flow.  Be holy.

You want peace in the world?  Be holy

You want love to reign?  Be holy

You want Joy and Happiness?  Be holy

Be holy, everything you want starts with you!

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